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About Petro Sazeh Engineering and Development

With the care of God Almighty and with the collective efforts of experienced managers of oil, gas and petrochemical industries, Mobin Petro Sazeh Engineering and Development Company entered the field of service in the 80’s.

By carrying out the project of supply, construction and installation of piping operations in area A in the South Pars gas refinery phases 21-20, proved its effective presence and fortunately in the past decade by participating in the implementation of Star Persian Gulf refinery projects in Bandar Abbas, South Pars Gas Refinery Phases 16 and 15 and South Pars Gas Refinery Phases 17-18 and South Pars Gas Refinery Phases 24-23-22, Dehloran Petrochemical, Ramshir Oil-Field and Flare Gas

Now, with the idea of ​​performing standard services and observing the conditions of environmental protection and respecting human resources, it has maintained its presence in oil, gas and petrochemical industries and projects with strength and authority, and at the same time fulfilling contractual obligations by looking at welfare works. It tries to meet the essential needs of the areas around its projects.

With the help of God Almighty and by employing experts interested in the development and prosperity of our dear homeland, and taking into account the menus of the Supreme Leader regarding the policies of the resistance economy, it has taken effective steps to create jobs and production (so that this company also plays an important role in sustainable non-governmental economic movements.)

We are honored to announced that this company, with its international standard certificates and the rank of one in oil and gas industry, is implementing projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, and we hope that in the near future it will be possible to export technical and engineering services outside the borders of our beloved country, Which is provided by this company.

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