About Petrosazeh Mobin

Company Overview

Petro Sazeh Mobin Engineering and Development Company launched its services in the 1380s (Persian Calendar), with the backing of Almighty God and the expertise of a team of managers with vast experience in the oil, gas, and petrochemical fields.

The successful implementation of piping operations in area A of South Pars Gas Refinery Phases 21-20 served as a testament to its efficiency.   Thankfully, over the last ten years, our involvement in projects such as the Bandar Abbas Persian Gulf Star Refinery, Phases 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23 and 24 of South Pars Gas Refinery, Dehloran Petrochemical, Ramshir Oil Field, and the Flare Gas Collection Project in Aghajari oil field have added further accomplishments to our portfolio.

In addition to its contribution to the collection of flare gases in Aghajari and Pazanan, Petrosazeh Mobin Engineering and Development Company is also currently undertaking the construction of the Ibn Sina Andimeshk Ethylene Oxide Petrochemical Unit.

Driven by the desire to offer top-quality services while prioritizing environmental preservation and respecting our employees, we have established a strong presence in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Simultaneously, we have diligently fulfilled our contractual responsibilities, with a focus on contributing to the betterment of society and to meet the essential needs of the surrounding areas of our projects.

This business has taken effective action to play a significant role in prosperity and sustainable economic movements and people, with the aid of Almighty God, by hiring skilled personnel interested in the growth and development of our beloved nation, and by paying attention to the Supreme Leader’s instructions regarding the resistance economy’s policies regarding the creation and production of jobs.

We take great pride in the fact that this company, which ranks first in the oil and gas industry, is implementing projects related to the petrochemical and oil and gas industries with worldwide certificates and standards. It is envisaged that this organization will soon have the ability to export technical and engineering services outside the boundaries of our dear nation.

Board members of the company

Mohammad Ali Emadi

Board of Directors

Golamreza Hamidi

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Meysam Moazemi

Chairman of the Board

Fields of activity of the company


Conducting basic and detailed design


Implementation of oil and gas pipelines

Commercial services, supply of goods and equipment


Warehouses for storage and distribution of petroleum products


Management, administration and operation of all refining, petrochemical and gas units


Oil and gas refineries


Power plants and supply of ancillary service equipment

Key people of the company

Mohammad Ali Emadi

Upstream Deputy

Gholamreza Hamidi

Vice President of Engineering

Seyed Abolghasem Sheykholeslami

Senior advisor to the CEO

Mahnaz Rezaei

Vice President of Commerce and Goods

Hossein Jafari

Economic deputy

Ataolah Malekshoar

Human Resources Manager

Mahdi Darijani

Vice President of Planning

Farhad Izadjoo

project manager

Navid Hadadian

project manager

Mohammad Kahkesh

Tenders manager

Alireza Nouri

project manager

Shiva Ghadimi

Management of legal affairs and contracts

Mohammad Naderi

QHSE management

Ali Hazrati

Director of Public Relations and International Affairs