Increasing Arvand’s petrochemical production with the aim of value creation

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On the second day of the 17th Iran Plast International Exhibition, after visiting the booth of downstream companies, Dr. Karimi attended the Iran Polymer Association and the Petrochemical Downstream Industries Union.
According to the important oil and energy events agency “Neft Ma”, the CEO of Arvand Petrochemical Company in these visits, while re-emphasizing the value-creating role of downstream industries, the role of Arvand Petrochemical Company and the company’s main strategy of prioritizing the supply of products to domestic downstream industries and He called the creation of wealth effective and added: “We are trying to increase the supply of Arvand Petrochemical Company’s quality products to the downstream industries, to achieve another revolution in the volume of the company’s production, in order to fully meet the needs of the domestic market in the coming years, to play an effective role also in the global PVC market.”

In a conversation with the producers of downstream industries, he also informed about the programs implemented in this company to remove obstacles to the supply of products and stated: “During the past years, Arvand Petrochemical Company has a close relationship with downstream companies and the presence of experts and managers of this company. Among the manufacturing companies, many of the industry’s problems have been solved, and efforts continue to completely solve the problems of the downstream industries that realize real value creation in the industry.”
In the continuation of the busy day of Arvand Petrochemical Company CEO, he emphasized the use of all domestic and foreign capacities for the development of Arvand Petrochemical Company and increased production capacity by attending the meeting of CEOs and consulting with foreign customers.
It should be noted that the 17th edition of the Iran Plast International Exhibition, which has started its work since yesterday at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions, will continue until Wednesday, September 29.

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