Construction of the first petrochemical park in Chabahar

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The CEO of Persian Gulf Holding announced the construction of the first petrochemical park in Chabahar and said: The call for tenders for the executive operations of this park will be announced soon.

According to the important oil and energy events agency “Naft Ma”, Abdul Ali Ali Asgari, the CEO of Persian Gulf Holding, called the creation of petrochemical parks a strategic and great idea for the future and said: wealth creation, completion of the value chain, increase in foreign exchange income and growth of elite activity. A serious development in the field of petrochemicals is one of the benefits of creating petrochemical parks for the country.
He announced the location and design of 9 petrochemical parks in the northern ports of the Persian Gulf and added: These parks are organized in most of the downstream petrochemical industry trends and are progressing, and in the near future, the internal plans of these parks will be launched.

The CEO of Persian Gulf Holding stated that a part of the internal design of petrochemical parks is done by petrochemical experts and said: We welcome public investment in this field and by completing and preparing parks and providing infrastructure such as land, water, electricity and gas; The private sector can start its activities by obtaining a license from the MPC.
Ali Asgari pointed out the existence of good export fields in petrochemical parks and said: With the plans made, domestic demand will be supplied and excess products will be exported.
He continued: Chabahar Park is the first park to be established in the field of fertilizer and agricultural industries, and our specialists are starting to work to build its factories, and in the near future a tender will be announced for it and the contractor will be selected.

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