Mobin Petro Sazeh Engineering and Development Company

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Vision and missions of the company


Company vision

Achieving the best symbol and brand in investment management and implementation of projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry and other industries by diversifying the business portfolio at the national and international level.


Company missions

Creating the necessary infrastructure in line with the development of investment management and the implementation of industrial and non-industrial projects by adhering to the preservation of the environment and paying attention to social responsibilities in order to provide the interests of all stakeholders.

Latest projects

Construction of Ethylene Oxide Petrochemical Unit of Ibn Sina Andimshek

Construction of dehumidification and pressurization unit of Aghajari Projects Group 2 and Paznan 1 dehumidification unit and related pipelines

Implementation of well facilities, flow pipelines, oil and gas transmission pipelines and water supply pipelines of Ramshir processing complex.

Preparation of materials and carrying out general civil operations of the Elfin Petrochemical Dehlran project site

Completion of Unit 102 and Train 4 of South Pars Refinery Phases 22 and 24 (piping and mechanical)

Supply of goods, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning of IGAT 5 and IGAT 6 pipelines, phases 22 and 24 of South Pars

Cooperation, participation and employment

Mobin Petro Sazeh Engineering and Development Company, as one of the most reliable companies active in the field of oil and gas and petrochemicals, intends to expand its cooperation with manufacturers, contractors and other activists of this industry. Also, in order to supply and complete the human capital it needs, it invites the eligible candidates for an interview after electronic registration and based on the required priorities.

Strategies of Mobin Petrosazeh Engineering and Development Company

  • Increasing employee satisfaction and retention
  • Increasing efficiency through organizational agility
  • Creating a structure to participate in international projects
    Funding and investment management in projects
  • Applying new systems that suit the company’s activities
  • Empowering employees through improving the scientific level and skills of employees
  • Business development through effective presence in domestic and foreign tenders and auctions
  • Creating a partnership (consortium) with competent domestic or foreign companies in the field of business

The values of Mobin Petrosazeh Engineering and Development Company


Emphasis on ethical and professional foundations in all areas of Shazkat’s activity


Emphasis on justice-centered theism and protection of human dignity and meritocratic system


Emphasizing and paying special attention to improving the level of technical, professional and scientific knowledge of employees


Empowering research and research departments by relying on knowledge-based activities


Carrying out safe work through compliance with safety and health principles


Emphasis on organizational commitment and belonging in order to increase job security


Strengthening the spirit of teamwork and benefiting from collective wisdom


Continuous improvement of processes and performance in line with productivity and result orientation


Paying attention to the rule of law of the central program and respecting the rights of the beneficiaries


Efforts to improve sustainable development indicators and respect national interests